Why did I create this site ?

I embarked on my own Kubernetes journey in 2018. I was feeling totally lost in the wild. Resources were scarce, like tumbleweeds rolling through a deserted town.

But after six months of digging and building, I finally cracked the Kubernetes internals (figuratively, of course!). Along the way, I kept detailed notes on everything I learned and practiced, from deploying pods to building Kubernetes cluster from scratch. Think of it as my treasure map for navigating the Kubernetes landscape.

Now, fast forward a few months, Oct 2018 to be exact, and I’ve got my shiny CKA badge.

To pay it forward and help others avoid getting lost in the Kubernetes desert, I built this little site using the notes I made. My hope is that my notes still hold water and serve as a trusty compass for your own Kubernetes adventure.

So, dive in, explore, and have fun!

Remember, the Kubernetes wilderness is full of exciting discoveries waiting to be made. And if you ever get stuck, feel free to drop me a line. We’re all in this together, fellow Kubernetes explorers!

- Ansil Hameed Kunju

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